September 10, 2016


One of my biggest fears about working towards becoming a vegetarian is my love of steak and burgers.  This week we had steak, one of two large steaks that we had in the freezer - so large that it fed all 3 of us and there were leftovers.  I dreamed about this awesome steak but in the end it was disappointing.  It was overcooked and not as tender as I had hoped.  I guess for someone that intends to go vegetarian this was a good outcome.  I think if we continue with our quasi-vegetarianism, the one or two beef products I consume per year will be restaurant quality to avoid disappointment. Perhaps Montana's for steak and Relish for burgers.  Our child is already sick of chicken and cheese, and he never liked eggs to start with.  I think the only lacto-ovo he would miss is cow's milk.  Since he is sick of chicken and doesn't like to have fish too often, he barely dabbles in pesco-pollo anymore either.  We are trying to find protein sources that he enjoys to make sure that he gets what he needs.  

August 14, 2016

The Beginning

On November 26, 2015 I discussed my bloodwork results with my family doctor. I was diagnosed as glucose intolerant/pre-diabetic. My doctor was optimistic that with some food changes and increased activity I can avoid becoming diabetic. Perhaps more optimistic than I, because we have type 1 and type 2 diabetes down both sides of my family. I have decided that it is time for change – if I can avoid diabetes I want to.

I started with little changes. Reducing pop intake to a personal size drink once per week, sorry I love Coca-Cola. Making sure that all of my bread-like intake is whole wheat or multigrain. Staying away from sugar/candy. I also got a FitBit in the hope of getting more and more days to 10,000 steps.

By the time I saw my family doctor again on June 15, 2016 I felt I was on the right track but certainly have lots of room for improvement. My doctor recommended a cookbook that she has and enjoys “Oh She Glows” This is a vegan cookbook and even my doctor said she and her family use dairy cheese as a substitute rather than the vegan cheese but that it was a good place to start. I asked for the cookbook for my birthday and took a quick review of it. I also found out that “Oh She Glows” is a blog as well .

In early August I watched a number of health/environment programs: Cowspiracy ; Forks over Knives ; Food Matters; Vegucated ; Fed Up and I have previously watched Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution It may have been a bit of information overload but I think we may finally make a change as a family.

I am overweight and staring down a potential future diagnosis of diabetes. My husband has disabling migraines and if better food can improve this we are all interested. My son is almost 11 years old and an athlete. He is excited about this change and I hope his taste buds don’t disappoint him, but he is interested in “healthy” eating.

For now we are quasi-vegetarian, as I also cannot afford to throw out the beef, pork, chicken and fish that we have stocked up. Once this food is gone though, we are going to significantly limit its reintroduction into our home. We have already discussed having turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas – my husband can’t imagine living without 2 turkey dinners per year, I am not a big fan of turkey so I will work on exploding our vegetable entrees and side dishes.

Tonight I made our first recipe out of the “Oh She Glows” cookbook and it was a success! Another step in the right direction.

April 12, 2016

Basketball 2015-2016

This year was my 10 year old son's first year of playing competitive basketball. He played on a team of all U11 (10 year olds) that competed in the U12 group. It was a new experience for my husband and I as well. He was the last kid picked for the team but he didn't let that bother him, he was just thrilled to be on the team. He also made some great friends. It was interesting to see him move from a strong recreational player to a good competitive player. He was one of the "little guys" but didn't let that slow him down and was one of the stronger defensive players and rebounders. It was amazing to watch him grow as an athlete and as a person. He is a sponge and takes in everything his coaches tell him. He tends to be quiet but has no problem being more aggressive on the court. The team ended up being quite strong and managed a bronze place finish at Provincials. As a parting gift he sustained a concussion from an uncalled charge in the second-to-last game, he was knocked to the floor and smucked his head. The doctor said that there was nothing to worry about. He ended up having headaches for 5 weeks but seems to be back to normal. It's a good thing he is feeling better because we are about to start playing on a competitive spring basketball team. What would we do without basketball?

August 09, 2012

Summer Fun

I am really kind of enjoying being the cool mom this summer. I took a week of vacation at the beginning of July and we were able to take my son and one of his friends to Hartt Island Water Park and they had a blast. I am on vacation this week as well. Yesterday we took another of his friends with us mini golfing and swimming and they both had a great time. Tomorrow we have plans to pick up another of his friends to go bowling. It has definitely made it more fun for my 6 year old son...and it is fun to see him enjoying himself with his friends. He is a good judge of friends and we have truly enjoyed our outings with his friends - no behavioural issues at all. Boys are silly for sure but nothing that ever gets out of hand. A bit of summer fun for my husband and I at FredRock this weekend too. We will be out watching Awolnation and Matthew Good...and The Trews and Steve Earle and The Dukes. Before I know it my vacation will be over...but we will have had fun!

August 05, 2012


Summer seems to be flying will be "back to school" before we know it. I/we took vacation the first week of July and we went to the Magnetic Hill Zoo and Magic Mountain. It was a great day. He also went out mini golfing one the rain. Yep, the forecast was no rain until evening but that wasn't the case it rained the whole time we were out. Later that week we went to Hartt Island Water Park. We took my 6 year old son and one of his friends and they had a great time. I am on vacation again this week. Yesterday we went to St. Andrew's to the Huntsman Aquarium. It was shark week! I love sharks! I got to hear a presentation by a shark researcher. I also love seals and we were there for the seal feeding and got to see Loki and Snorkel in action. We went to Ossie's Lunch for supper and had some great seafood. We plan to go see Ice Age 4 tomorrow since it is suppose to rain. We hope to get in some mini golf and bowling later this week as well. We are hoping to bring along one of my son's friends to add to the fun. My son has been busy this summer as well. He has been at basketball camp for 2 weeks, he went to skateboard camp for one week, and he spent a week with Grampie and Grammie. He is really liking skateboarding...although he hasn't really mastered any skills yet...but next year there will be more than one week of skateboarding. He also got an award (Gatorade drink) for being the best kid at camp (something like that)...they did tell us numerous times that he is awesome to have at camp. He does what he is asked and doesn't whine or complain. He just goes out and has fun. He got a nice certificate with a photo of him skateboarding as a keepsake. We still have 2 weeks of basketball camp coming up...and a week with his After School program to get him back in the groove the week before school starts. Lots of changes at school this year so it should be a grand adventure. Soccer is wrapping up next weekend and then we will have a week or two without activities. My son will be returning to swimming the week before school and basketball a week or two after school starts. In the winter he will be switching from swimming to karate for a change. Thank goodness I have an active child...much less likely he will end up like me (lazy and overweight).

April 10, 2012

Moving on Down

Life has been bogged down lately.

Work has been very stressful with a more than adequate workload. There were 4 of there are 3, and they are expecting the 3 of us to manage the 4 workloads - and no, that does not mean that we got good raises either.

Home life has been stressful as well. We have been trying to determine if we should have another child. We always planned to have 2 kids but that hasn't happened. We had a five year plan...for financial reasons...this was complicated by my husband's health. On top of that there have been some reproductive issues. We went for reproductive help...and it is still "possible" to have a child. The more we talk about it the more that I think we are done. A part of me is really sad about that... I really wanted 2 children and the baby stage is fun and frustrating. The other part of me knows that financially, we should probably have just one child. My husband's health is another factor, as is the reproductive factor. Our son will be 7 years old this fall. He is open to the idea of a little brother or sister...but it is not like they are going to be playmates. By the time another child would be born...he would probably be about 8 years old. Our son is amazing...well behaved, smart, considerate, thoughtful...etc. I think I am coming to the conclusion that perhaps we should focus on him, and not another baby...and provide him with opportunities we would not be able to give him if we have another child.

My personal life has also been stressful. I started Weight Watchers and it has been a slow road. As of today I have lost just over 5% of my starting weight. It is really frustrating when things don't move...or move so slowly. I am trying to stay motivated and push forward. Another issue linked to this is the cost. Weight Watchers might be a proven program but it is an expensive program. It costs me almost $60 a month, and when you aren't losing quickly this is a deterrent as well.

Woe is me...I'm so woe. So that's where I have been. Stressing at work over an insane workload, stressing about giving up on my 2 child dream, and trying to lose weight.

January 01, 2012

Inspired by Bill Cosby

So, do you remember Bill Cosby's stand up routine? Specifically, when he says that he though his name was "damnit" and that his brother's name was "Jesus Christ"? If you haven't heard it you should try to track it down.

My 6 year old son is an expert dawdler, especially at bedtime. I also call my husband a scammer...he was always able to scam his mother into anything that he wanted. So I have told my son that he is a dawdler on a regular basis and I have told him that his dad is the scammer (when he wants snacks, video games, etc.).

Before we left Grammie and Grampie's house today, my son turned on the water works and ended up with peanut butter cups, dill pickle chips and fruit juice for the way back. When we were travelling I told him that he was quite the which he replied "no, I am a dawdler". PRECIOUS MOMENTS!